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Our Vision

Who Are We?

The heart of our church is to reach out to the community in practical ways so the unchurched, uncommitted, and undecided people of Downtown Memphis become passionate followers of Christ. To reach unchurched people in Downtown Memphis, we create environments where people can find authentic relationships, compelling worship, and a life-giving message. Everyone is welcomed and accepted just as they are, to have a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ.

What's Our Story?

It's June 25th, Tasha and I were invited by some friends to attend a youth conference at our church and decided it would be good to reconnect with old friends. Service was great and worship is always amazing there. After worship, one of the pastors would preach a message about living a life without fear. That couldn't be ME, right?

I wanted to find an established church. One that could pay me a reasonable salary, run a youth ministry, live a care-free life,   and trust God to move. I wanted the right things. Didn't I? My dream included God, but I didn't allow Him to write my dream. That night sitting in that seat, I begged God to show me His will for my life and to remove any fear I had to carry out His will.

I felt the Spirit say, "Do...what I made you to do." In that brief moment I was sitting down, head down, and in a whisper mixed with some fear I told God, "Yes." I had always felt ”unqualified" and wanted to land in my "safety-net dream” of ministry, but in one night the Holy Spirit would put the calling on our lives to start a church. I sat next to my wife and told her, "I think God wants us to start a church.”

Tasha and I love Memphis, but we know Memphis has some serious complications. These complications affect our lives and our city more than we would like to admit…  POVERTY… HOMELESSNESS… BROKEN FAMILIES… ADDICTION… HUMAN TRAFFICKING…

Jesus is the solution and we are the change we want to see.  Our message is Jesus.  Our goal is change. 

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